Kaleb Nyquist

Hello! I am a data and communications professional with specialties in the fields of democratic reform, climate action, and interreligious collaboration.

As the Database Manager for the Strategy, Impact, & Learning team at the non-partisan Center for Tech & Civic Life, I build the infrastructure for our coalition to find answers and reflect on our work of modernizing elections in the United States. Furthermore, as a trustee for the Parliament of the World's Religions, I support the work of the largest multi-faith gathering with assignments on the Climate Action Task Force and Global Ethic Committee.

My curriculum vitae includes a number of public speaking engagements and published writings that elaborate on my professional praxis. Some of my recently published work that I am particularly proud of includes:

I also have created and maintain various data management Python scripts. Contact me if you're interested in learning more about any of these solutions:

  • Automated Scheduler for Conference Breakout Rooms
  • Civil Society and Nonprofit Network Webcrawling and Data Analysis
  • Media Hits Webscraping and Analysis
  • Airtable API tutorial

I hold a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Divinity from the University of Chicago plus a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Conflict Transformation from North Park University. In a previous professional life I worked as the director of student ministries at Ravenswood Covenant Church and as a steering committee member for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action.

Although originally from Oregon's Yamhill Valley, I currently reside in the District of Columbia. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, travel, and am an aspiring harmonica player.

Interested in booking me for a public speaking engagement or collaborating on a project related to democracy, sustainability, and/or religion? Shoot me an email via contact@kalebnyquist.me!

What I Do


One of the most urgent public policy challenges facing us today is guaranteeing that our planet remains hospitable to human life through the end of the century. I seek in particular to identify and cultivate sustainable practices that are already emerging from the grassroots of communities, rather than imposing top-down prescriptions.

Democratic Reform

The good life is made possible by people having a sense of stewardship over how they and their neighbor are governed. I am an advocate for democratic reforms that decrease unproductive polarization and increase the responsiveness of elected officials to constituent desires, while also working to increase the capacity of our nation's election infrastructure to handle increasingly contentious collective decision-making.


In our attention overload economy it is all too easy for people to forget about the things that really matter. Working within the Christian tradition (with pietist influences) and equipped with multi-faith ministry training from the University of Chicago's Divinity School, I partner with others to create space that fosters souls of sacrificial love, deep joy, and sacred peace.

Data-and-Values Driven

I take a mixed-methods research approach that integrates qualitative data, quantitative data, historical narrative, and practical ethics. Such innovative and multidisciplinary research helps me get to what is at the heart of today's public policy dilemmas and imagine solutions that might otherwise be overlooked. A key value for me is the importance of listening ⁠— that is, letting the actual people behind the data points speak for themselves.