I am passionate about climate change action, democratic reform, and bold Christian faith. Our culture does not make it obvious how these all fit together, and in turn I enjoy sharing with people how I have connected the dots in my own life.

The list below gives you a sense of the audiences I have previously been invited to work with, and the topics I have been invited to speak on. I put the work in to make sure my talk will be appropriate to your theme and your people. That said, my general speaking style is thought-provoking (without being esoteric or impractical) and humorous (without being irrelevant or irreverent). In 2018, I was one of the Americans featured in the news documentary The Climate and the Cross, available at The Guardian website and on Amazon Prime Video, and you may want to consider showing this video as a conversation starter.

If you'd like to book me, reach out and we will see if we can make something happen! Note that I do ask for some compensation in return for my time and travel expenses. However, I am willing to speak at a reduced rate for youth groups and other student organizations.

I also ask that you consider what other voices you are inviting to speak into your community. Unless it is an explicitly male gathering, like a Boy Scout Troop or something, I encourage you to bring in a parity of female voices. By a different but equally just logic, if the demographics of your event skew heavily white, it seems all the more imperative that you invite a person of color to address the crowd. In other words: I might not be the right speaker for you at this time, but if so, you can reach out to me for recommendations on who to invite (especially on the faith-and-climate intersection).

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Previous Workshops & Presentations

“Covenants”, Harris School of Public Policy (University of Chicago) Pecha Kucha Night – 5/30/2019 [video]

“There I Will Give You My Desire: An Apologetic for a Christian Congregation in face of Ecological Despair”, Senior Ministry Thesis Presentation for the University of Chicago Divinity School, presented at Ravenswood Evangelical Covenant Church – 4/25/2019 [video]

“Civil Dialogue”, Nativity House Catholic Worker Roundtable – 8/15/2018

“The Reception of Refugees in Sweden and the Future of the Universal Love Ethic”, Ecclesiological Investigations Research Network 2018 Conference “The Church and Migration: Global (In)Difference?”, Toronto School of Theology at the University of Toronto – 6/27/2018

“Being Church in a Changing Climate”, Winnetka Covenant Church Adult Sunday School – 4/15/2018

Panelist, “Turning Points: Charting the Course of a Liberal Arts Life”, North Park University College of Arts & Sciences – 4/12/2018

Faith and Climate Change Forum”, McMinnville Covenant Church – 12/9/2018

Religion, Refugees, & Scandinavia: The Role of the Modern Church in the Age of Mass Migration”, The University of Chicago Divinity School: International Ministry Grant Public Presentation – 11/7/2017

“Evangelicals & Climate Change: Lessons in Truth-Telling” (Hatchard Speaker Series), International House at the University of Chicago – 4/28/2017

“Climate Action”, Reba Place Fellowship Seminar – 4/17/2017

“Strategic Thinking for Environmental Projects on College Campuses”, IDEA Generators Christian-Muslim “Creation Care” Conference, Issachar Fund – 5/28/2016

Facilitator, Retreat on Laudato Si, Calvert House (University of Chicago Catholic Ministry) – 4/1-4/2/2016

“The three S’s of Relating to Creation”, The Loft, (Hinsdale Covenant Church Youth Group) – 11/22/2015

“Creation Care and Climate Action”, CHIC 2015 (Evangelical Covenant Church triennial youth conference) – 7/14 & 7/16/2015

“Conflict Transformation and Climate Change”, Guest Lecture to Introduction to Conflict Transformation, Dr. Robert Hostetter, North Park University – 10/28/2013

Speaker, "Spring S.A.L.T. Service Retreat” (High School Leadership Program), Cascades Camp and Conference Center – 5/25-5/27/2012

“Folkhemmet Meets Ujamaa: History and Implications of the Sweden-Tanzania Aid Relationship”, North Park Global Studies Senior Capstone Presentations – 4/25/2012

“Engaging Modern and Postmodern Approaches to Dalit Theology”, North Park Undergraduate Research Symposium – 5/9/2011


If you would be interested in not just my speaking, but my written work and media appearances as well, you are welcome to check out my curriculum vitae.